Scocha Lyrics




Live on the Border


Moonlight Again

  1. Ho for the Blades of Harden
  2. Wha Wadnae Fecht for Charlie
  3. Dusty Road (frae Philhope Brig ti Hame)
  4. Pressganged
  5. Black Rose
  6. New York Dawn
  7. A Man’s a Man for a That
  8. Smoke from the Barrel
  9. Chuffed ti Bits  
  10. Sound the Pibroch
  11. A Bellendaine
  12. This is Oor Time (Hogmanay)
  13. Auld Lang Syne









  1. Intro




Gie'd Sum Wellie




The Land We Love





Bordering On...

  1. Bonnie Teviotdale
  2. Ettrick Lady
  3. Johnstones
  4. The Queens Maries
  5. The Anvil Crew
  6. Lock the Door Larriston
  7. The Wail of Flodden
  8. My Borderland
  9. Hughie the Graeme
  10. The Lammas Tide
  11. The Lads O' Wamphray
  12. The Auld Mid Raw