Scocha Lyrics


Moonlight Again

  1. Ho for the Blades of Harden
  2. Wha Wadnae Fecht for Charlie
  3. Dusty Road (frae Philhope Brig ti Hame)
  4. Pressganged
  5. Black Rose
  6. New York Dawn
  7. A Man’s a Man for a That
  8. Smoke from the Barrel
  9. Chuffed ti Bits  
  10. Sound the Pibroch
  11. A Bellendaine
  12. This is Oor Time (Hogmanay)
  13. Auld Lang Syne





1.   Burke and Hare   (A G Brydon/D J Chapman)

2.   My Lassie in Canada   (A G Brydon)

3.   Irn Bru   (A G Brydon/I H Scott)

4.   Jumpers for Goalposts  (A G Brydon/D J Chapman)

5.   I saved The King   (I H Scott)

6.   The ballad of Geordie Burns  (D Anderson)

7.   Raiders  (S Jones/W Ogilvie)

8.   On The Road to Passchendaele  (A G Brydon/G Stoddart)

9.   The Hill Abin Blawearie  (G Muir/I H Scott)

10. Taransay  (P Clayton)

11. Kozalykee  (I H Scott)

12. This is our Borderland  (A G Brydon)

13. I Want You Now  (A G Brydon)

14. And We Ride  (A G Brydon)

15. Scotland's Calling  (A G Brydon)





1.   Intro

2.   MacPherson`s Rant    [Trad - Arr Scocha]

3.   Braes O` Gala Hill    [Trad/T Graham, G Ingles. Arr Scocha]

4.   Bottles at Dawn    [Trad - Arr Scocha]

5.   The Reivers    [A G Brydon, D J Chapman.]

6.   The Rolling Hills o' the Borders    [McGinn. Arr Scocha]

7.   Stirling Brig   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

8.   Granny`s Muckle Soup Pan   [A G Brydon.]

9.   Rattling Bog   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

10. Ye Jacobites   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

11. Black Velvet Band    [Trad - Arr Scocha]

12. Killiecrankie   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

13. Caledonia    [D McLean. Arr Scocha]

14. The Anvil Crew   [W Easton/A Grant. Arr Scocha]

15. Boat To America   [A G Brydon.]

16. Kinly Stick    [W Easton. Arr Scocha]

17. Flower Of Scotland    [R Williamson. Arr Scocha]



Gie'd Sum Wellie


1.   McPherson’s Rant   (Trad Arr Scocha)

2.   Brae’s O’ Gala Hill   (Trad/Graham/Ingles Arr Scocha)

3.   Roses O’ Prince Charlie   (Brown)

4.   Turning The Tide   (P. Clayton)

5.   Scots Wha Hae   (Trad Arr Scocha)

6.   Saltires In The Sky   (A.G. Brydon/I H Scott)

7.   Calling Doon The Line   (A G Brydon)

8.   The Reivers   (A G Brydon/D J Chapman)

9.   Caledonia   (D McLean)

10. Bottles at Dawn   (Trad Arr Scocha)

11. Boat To America   (A G Brydon)

12. So Cool (Only To Live And Never Die)  (A G Brydon)

13. Kinly Stick   (Easton/Grant/Trad Arr Scocha)