The Lammas Tide


Now it fell about the Lammas tide
When the muir-men win their hay
The doughty Douglas bound him ride
Into England, to drive a prey

He chose the Gordons and the Graemes
The Lindesays, light and gay
But the Jardines wad' not wi him ride
And they rue it to this day

Now they have burn'd all the dales of Tyne
And part o' Bambroughshire
Three tall towers on Reidswire fells
He left them all on fire

They march'd up tae Newcastle
And laid it round about
Sayin "wha's the lord of this castle?
And wha's the lady o't?"

Then up bespoke proud proud Percy there
And O but he spake high
"I am the lord o' this castle
My wife's the lady gaye"


"If thou'rt the lord o' this castle
Sae weel it pleases me
For, 'er I cross the border fells
The ane o' us sall dee"

He took a lang spear in his hand
Shod wi' the metal free
For tae meet the Douglas there
He rade right furiously


But oh how pale his lady looked

Frae off the castle wall

When down before the Scottish spear

She saw proud Percy fa'