This is our Borderland                        © Alan G Brydon




Come with me, up through the valley and over the hills

And you’ll see, a world full of wonder that nature fulfilled

Grip my hand, as I welcome you home to our land

Feel the warmth as your heart understands



This is our Borderland

These are the hills we call our own

Here are the hearts that beat as one

Where we are home

Here in our Borderland


Ride with me, down by the river and up through the trees

And you’ll be, at one with the wildlife abundant and free

Take your time, as you witness the old and the new

Take a moment to capture the view




Join the crowds, at our Common Ridings in proud border toons

Sing out loud, songs of the borderland long handed doon

Raise a cheer, as the standard is lifted up high

And the riders come galloping by



(repeat )


Where we are home

Here in oor Bonnie Borderland