Kinly Stick                                                                                                      Tradt/W Easton



In the big room at Barclays, the auld stick hei stands

Graspin’ yon’ bellrope, wi’ cauld shakin’ hands

Ask why hei lingers, and sadly hei’ll tell

Hei hesnae got a copper so hei darnae ring the bell



Heather Jock enters, while Kinly yet grieves

Hei stands there an’ hei gazes, a’ in his serk sleeves

Stick hails him wi’ a shout which nae other could excel

And Heather’s brief response was, “Man! Kinly ring the bell”




Ring the bell Kinly

Ring ring the bell

Heather Jock’s approaching

Wi’ glad news tae tell

Hei’s pawned his upper garment

They say he has done well

So ring the bell Kinly Stick

Kinly ring the bell



“Half a gill for twae”, then Heather bold did cry

“Drink and be off”, was the landlord’s quick reply

Then Heather he did quaff the half gill tae himsel’

And left pair Kinly not a drop, though hei did ring the bell


“O’ Heather that’s unfair”, the stick did wildly cry

“A’ drank eet” quoth Heather, “Aw man bit a’ was dry”

“Bit guin ye’ come wi’ mei, and ma’ serk a wull sell

And suin we’ll baith gaun back again and ring, ring the bell”




Doon throw’ the Sandbed the pair they did go

Streight tae yon pawnshop that’s kept by Milmoe

But the serk it was sae bad, that it really wadnae sell

So they never did gaun back again tae ring the bluidy bell


Chorus x 2