MY BORDERLAND      (K. Speirs)



Dnving through Northumberland and o'er the Carter Bar 

Rest a while beside the border stone

Gaze on Scotland's Eden, these hills and valleys are 

The ones I love, the best I've ever known


Here I stand, in my Borderland  

Here I'll stay, no more to roam 

Take my hand, in my Borderland 

By Scotlands gate we'll make our home


Walking through the fields, along the river side 

Flowing from the hills down to the sea

All through the Border country, the Tweed will be our guide 

It binds us a' the gither, you and me


Of all auld Scotland's glories, the

Borders is the one  

That always will remain within my heart

So from life's new beginning to the setting of the sun 

We'll make our pledge to never ever part