The Ballad of Geordie Burns                                                   © D Anderson



I have cheated the hangman for nigh on eight year

A feat that has cost me all that I hold dear

Now the dawn is approaching, the reaper draws near

And I wait for the drop in the morning


Chanced on by the warden as cattle we led

We fought the patrol till sore hurt in the head

I'm condemned for march treason my uncle lays dead

Now I wait for the drop in the morning


I have reived with the Kerrs and was handsomely paid

With them I have stolen, put men in their graves

But I'm no Kinmont Willie and I will not be saved

As I wait for the drop in the morning




Do you know me my name's Geordie

A'm Geordie Burns frae middle marches

Write of me in your dispatches

Tell them all I was repentant

What good that does me now I can't tell



So I'll confess my wrongdoings afore I lay cold

Penitent now er my story be told

Pray send me a minister to comfort my soul

Afore the long drop in the morning


A'm a drunkard, a Reiver, I cannot defend

A user o' women, a killer o' men

Now the bold Robert Carey sends me to my end

He sends me to the drop in the morning


Will the fyrebrand avenge me will he be so brash

Will he storm Carlisle Castle take the English to task

Will he mind his friend Geordie in years come to pass

Now I go to the drop in the morning