THE ANVIL CREW                                                                     Easton/Trad





Our bills were paid and our anchor weighed,

As we sailed from the famed Pate's Plum.

And the distant thunder roared afar,

Like the beat of a muffled drum.

The lightning wi' it's vivid flash

Illum'ned near and far,

And the gale began to blow ere we

Had passed the Gashoose Bar_O!-




The Anvil she was stout and strong

Broad-beamed and deep in keel

And Captain Menty walked the deck

While Buck'am manned the wheel!


But when we came tae Laidlaw's Cauld

There a horde o' pirates lay

There lay the "Cat" wi' her sails a' set

A waiting for the fray

Then boatswain Newell who was up aloft,

Bawled out wi' open mooth

"There's a pirate on oo'r lee bow there, give her three points tae the "Sooth"! 




"A-ha"! -Cried Menty- "Now for revenge,

The Cat's an awfu' brute:

She assailed me yince on Denholm Cauld,

When I traded in fresh fruit"

"Now then my lads, stick tae yer guns

And the pirate's crew we'll wallop!

For the Cat will find oot tae her cost, we're a most expensive collop"!




The battle then began and raged,

For three full hours or more.

But our men were good and our guns were strong,

And we drove the "Cat" ashore.

But when we counted up our loss, we wept you may believe

For we found our captain dear was slain, it made us all to greive




On a gun carriage we placed his corpse,

And a shroud around him rolled 

We wept as we plunged him in the deep

He was worth his weight in gold.

A broken anchor we placed at his feet

And our colours 'round did wrap.

We then smiled as we thought,

Had he been alive,

He'd ha' sold it for old scrap!