The Reivers                       © Alan G Brydon, David J Chapman




Listen, can ee hear the sound?

Enough tae make ye shiver

The whining gales are widow’s wails

That haunt oor dales forever




Its been fower hunder years and mair

Since sounds o’ Reivers filled the air

Nae longer bound tae pay black meale

Nae raids by night wi clash of steel


But though the men who rode are gone

A ghostly spirit marches on

Frae Langholm’s Esk tae Teviotside

A troupe of phantom Rievers ride




Fire in the engine

Like blood in their veins

The cross-border Reivers

Are riding again

Fighting for vengeance

Cut tae the bain

The Reivers are Riding - Again




A hunder horses, border bred

Snortin steeds yet never fed

Wi banshee noise tae wake the dead

As if by Johnny Armstrong led



Steel horses pull a mighty team

The engine builds a head o’ steam

The wheels are squealing on the rails

Steel bonnets marching, hard as nails





Riding by a Rievers moon

St Marys Loch reflects it doon

The horsemen charge on through the night

Silver shadows glimmer bright


Horses wakened from a dream

Wi flarin’ nostrils belchin steam

The thunder cracks, and abin it a’

Ye can hear the phantom whustle blaw




An' if among the hills ye bide

When ye’r tucked up warm inside

Ye’ll hear the scream o the thundering train

The ghostly Reivers

The ghostly Reivers

The ghostly Reivers ride again!


Chorus x 2