Saltires in the Sky                          © Alan G Brydon, Iain H Scott




Look back in time to ages dark

When er life fails tae light yer spark

And on a higher path embark

And turn away away, frae shadows gray

And yet as hope comes flashing by

Behold a symbol in the sky

At Atholstaneford a rally cry

The day is done, yer battle won




Jets tear through the blue

Bring me back to you

I see my spirit fly


I see satires, in the sky


Lament the endless summer days

Where erst ye bathe in solar rays

But gee me change tae lift the haze

See the form, ride the storm

Let light diffuse a moon by day

At morning bright till fades tae greay

Let darkness turn yer eyes away

And liberate frae sic a state




For a yer exiles sighs and groans

The spirit sick frae thoughts of home

Still cast away yer cause to roam

And look abin and soak it in

For as the grey clouds curl and birl

A snell wund makes the ether swirl

And through the mist the flags unfurl

To greet the sky, St Andrews fly


Chorus x 2