Braes O’ Gala Hill                                                        Trad/Graham/Ingles 



A’m a workin’ laddie and ma pleasures have been sma’

What little love a’ve ever had’s been up against the wall

A’ work a’ day for little pay aye doon in yonder mill

On summer nights a’ ramble roond the braes, o’ Gala Hill



So if you’re lookin’ for a lass come tak’ a walk wi’ me

We’ll talk a walk aboot the toon and see what’s strollin’ free

And if she says she fancies you an’ if she says she will

Then tak’ her for a dander roon’ the braes o’ Gala Hill





A’ the bonnie lassies are playin’ in the lane

Some are pu’in’ daisies and some are chucking stanes

Wi’ the howlin’ o’ the cuckoo and the roarin’ o’ the bull

Ye’ll always find a welcome on the braes o’ Gala Hill


Well last June a’ asked a bonnie lass tae walk wi me

So we walked a bit, we talked a bit, we sat beneath a tree

The summer nights held magic and the air was fresh and still

So I started off ma family on the braes o’ Gala Hill




Now a’ve heard folks a bummin’ o’ the things they’ve seen abroad

The things they’ve encountered while traivelin’ on the road

Wi’ Soho in its splendour and all its tales tae tell

They’ve never seen the like that’s no been duin, up Gala Hill




So now a’m getting’ auld and bent juist like Johnny Gray

A’m no even able tae walk up Kirk Brae

As a’ sit by the fireside on ma three legged still

A’ can hear the bairnies playin’ on the braes o’ Gala Hill


Chorus x 2