Scocha with Iain H Scott


Iain H Scott is a singer, songwriter and musician. He was the founding member of the band Scocha. Iain Scott used his creativity in music to gain worldwide followers and to attract them to the land he loves; Scotland and the Scottish Borders.


I was live at the concert of Scocha and Iain Scott! It was simply terrific! Brilliant stage presence and performance by the guys. I would go again anytime!Lackie from Austria 


I had great times with Scocha and Iain Scott. The concerts were so fantastic. Great Music with wonderful voices.Sylvia from Bavaria 


His passion has inspired young and new talent to emanate his blend of traditional songs with their own unique and modern approach, Scottish ‘folk n’ roll’ as Iain Scott calls it.


From humble beginnings, his first instrument was an antique family heirloom pedal harmonium, followed by an old beat up guitar. After that he had a monologue synthesiser, financed by his first job as a trampoline attendant. Electronic music initially inspired him to form his band E-scape. However, he was drawn back to discover the pride and passion of Scottish music and returned to the guitar, as well as learning bodhran, bouzouki, bagpipes and whistles. From playing at rugby dinners, Burns suppers, funerals, weddings and everything in between, Iain Scott formed the band Scocha after being asked to perform for the ITV production of the Border Clans. This led to Scocha recording the theme tune as well as producing their first album with songs from the series. Since then Scochahave produced 7 albums, a DVD and several singles. They have featured in concerts and festivals nationally and internationally, creating a family of friends and followers from all over the world.


A few words of fans who share their love for Scocha:


Scocha showed us in Germany how brilliant music from Scotland can be. 

You have given us unforgettable moments. Even today I listen to very special songs that make me remember this band very fondly and I still get goosebumps. 

I would like to thank you personally, dear Iain H. Scott - we always had such wonderful conversations and I am very grateful that this has become a great friendship. 

You are helpful and a very good listener. If I relate it to my favourite songs you are our (my) “scotia's child” in “Caledonia” the land we love❤️ đŸ´ó §ó ˘ó łó Łó ´ó żđŸ’™

Love and a big hug Heike from Germany


Thank you Iain Scott for letting me meet you and Scocha at a concert in Scotland and then Scocha also gave 2 mega concerts in Germany in Pullman City and we got to know each other better. Thanks that I can say today Scottie you have become a good friend. Thank you Iain for the great songs.”


Had so much fun with Scocha and Iain during so many gigs in and out of Scotland, and even more fun after the shows. Would be so great to see them all again. Miss you all and especially Iains power and wonderful voice.”


Great times, great memories! Thank you so much Scocha and Scottie đŸ˜đŸ˜

Ursula from The East Bavarian Highlander


Great memories with Scocha and Iain Scott, still missing the great voices, fun and music. Love Scotland and Scocha. Happy that we are still in contact Iain.”


An unforgettable good time with Scocha and lain Scott his wonderful voice.

Thank you. Never forget!



Every Scocha gig was a party. The mood was great and everybody sang along, danced and cheered. The band (especially Iain Scott) knew perfectly how to whip up an audience and always had a lively performance. These guys are wonderful people on stage as well as off stage. Thx for all the amazing moments!Ilona from the Netherlands 


I've been to many bands as a fan, from backstage to personal friendships. Some bands want my applause before the first note, some don't deserve it until the end and for some I left before. Scocha with their frontman Iain Scott had me under their spell from the first note! And then it became a personal friendship. I don't give away my friendship lightly and I don't withdraw it at will!!! I am happy to call Iain a friend! And I sang the lyrics to ALL 3 verses of Flower of Scotland. THANK YOU! Raimo from Bavaria


I became aware of SCOCHA through Pullman City in Germany and watched a YouTube video and knew I had to go there. When I saw Iain Scott and the band live, it was clear I had to go to Scotland! Scocharocked the stage, carried away the audience and shared their love of Scotland with everyone who got involved. when I was back in Pullman city and Scocha didn't come, the Celtic weekend wasn't the same.


Scocha will always be the epitome of Scottish music for me. I will never forget my very first concert in Longholm. I said to Thomas: I'll see them in Pullman and that's exactly what happened. Scocha rocked the Music Hall. After the gig we sang in Hudson Bay until morning. A year later Kevin and Maria's handfasting - Graham with his sheep.

There are so many fond memories of Scocha, I don't even know where to start: The concerts, meeting at the pub in Hawick, the trips out with them. So many great songs that swept you away, performed with passion and pride in this wonderful country, the unmistakable voice of Iain Scott. As soon as I hear just one song I am home. 


Just sitting here, watching some photos of Scochaconcerts. Such great memories of meeting friends, having good times with Iain Scott and the other guys of the band, especially in Mittelneufnach and Pullman City. I would so much like to do this all again.


For me, the Scocha 2017/2018 concerts in pullman city were the best concerts I’ve ever experienced in my life!!! This band was so brilliant they opened my heart to Scotland . Scottie and Chappy were a great team and present the love for Scotland through their music in a way that you just have to love this country!!!

And who doesn't miss all these magical songs when Iain Scott isn't singing the flower of Scotland in his mega always recognizable voice! In Scotland and also the Celtic weekend in Pullman city they leave a big gap đŸ˜˘đŸ˜˘ Thanks guys for this brilliant time. We miss you all đŸ™đŸĽ°