Live on the Border

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Live on the Border

Track List

1. My Borderland 

2. The Roses of Prince Charlie 

3. The Rolling Hills of the Borders 

4. Saltires in the Sky 

5. Taransay 

6. I Saved the King 

7. The Auld Mid Raw 

8. Johnstones 

9. Lock the Door Larriston 

10. Hobbie Noble 

11. Scots Wha Hae 

12. Ye Jacobites

13. Wha Wadnae Fecht for Charlie

14. Jumpers for Goalposts

15. Kozalykee

16. The Reivers

17. Hot Asphalt

18. I Will Go

19. The Raiders

20. Sound the Pibroch

21. Auld Lang Syne

Moonlight Again

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Moonlight Again

Track List

1.   Ho for the Blades of Harden (Ogilvie/Jackson)
2.   Wha Wadnae Fecht for Charlie (Trad) 
3.   Dusty Road (frae Philhope Brig ti Hame) (Jackson)
4.   Pressganged (Anderson)

5.   Black Rose (Anderson)
6.   New York Dawn (Anderson)  
7.   A Man’s a Man for a That (Burns)
8.   Smoke from the Barrel (Chapman/Finnie) 
9.   Chuffed ti Bits (Anderson/Scott)
10. Sound the Pibroch (Trad)
11. A Bellendaine (Scott/Scott)
12. This is Oor Time (Hogmanay) (Scott)
13. Auld Lang Syne (Burns)



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Track List

1.   Burke and Hare 4.28 (A G Brydon/D J Chapman)

2.   My Lassie in Canada 4.25 (A G Brydon)

3.   Irn Bru 3.10 (A G Brydon/I H Scott)

4.   Jumpers for Goalposts 4.00 (A G Brydon/D J Chapman)

5.   I saved The King 3.15 (I H Scott)

6.   The ballad of Geordie Burns 5.00 (D Anderson)

7.   Raiders 4.45 (S Jones/W Ogilvie)

8.   On The Road to Passchendaele 5.02 (A G Brydon/G Stoddart)

9.   The Hill Abin Blawearie  3.54 (G Muir/I H Scott)

10. Taransay 3.23 (P Clayton)

11. Kozalykee  2.45 (I H Scott)

12. This is our Borderland 3.09 (A G Brydon)

13. I Want You Now 3.04 (A G Brydon)

14. And We Ride 3.27 (A G Brydon)

15. Scotland's Calling 4.07 (A G Brydon)


Scocha LIVE

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Scocha LIVE (2008 version)

Track List

1.   Intro

2.   MacPherson`s Rant   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

3.   Braes O` Gala Hill   [Trad/T Graham, G Ingles. Arr Scocha]

4.   Bottles at Dawn   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

5.   The Reivers    [A G Brydon, D J Chapman.]

6.   The Rolling Hills o' the Borders    [McGinn. Arr Scocha]

7.   Stirling Brig   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

8.   Granny`s Muckle Soup Pan   [A G Brydon.]

9.   Rattling Bog   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

10. Ye Jacobites   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

11. Black Velvet Band    [Trad - Arr Scocha]

12. Killiecrankie   [Trad - Arr Scocha]

13. Caledonia    [D McLean. Arr Scocha]

14. The Anvil Crew   [W Easton/A Grant. Arr Scocha]

15. Boat To America   [A G Brydon.]

16. Kinly Stick    [W Easton. Arr Scocha]

17. Flower Of Scotland    [R Williamson. Arr Scocha]

Gie'd Sum Wellie

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Gie'd Sum Wellie

Track List

1.   McPherson’s Rant   (Trad Arr Scocha)

2.   Brae’s O’ Gala Hill   (Trad/Graham/Ingles Arr Scocha)

3.   Roses O’ Prince Charlie   (Brown)

4.   Turning The Tide   (P. Clayton)

5.   Scots Wha Hae   (Trad Arr Scocha)

6.   Saltires In The Sky   (A.G. Brydon/I H Scott)

7.   Calling Doon The Line   (A G Brydon)

8.   The Reivers   (A G Brydon/D J Chapman)

9.   Caledonia   (D McLean)

10. Bottles at Dawn   (Trad Arr Scocha)

11. Boat To America   (A G Brydon)

12. So Cool (Only To Live And Never Die)  (A G Brydon)

13. Kinly Stick   (Easton/Grant/Trad Arr Scocha)

The Land We Love

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The Land We Love

Track List

1. Battle Dawn (A G Brydon/I H Scott)

2. Hobbie Noble (Trad Arr Scocha)

3. Learig (Trad Arr Scocha)

4. Carterhaugh Ba' (Trad Arr Scocha)

5. Scotias Child (I H Scott)

6. Ye Jacobites (Trad Arr Scocha)

7. Philipha' (P Clayton)

8. Scotland Yet (Trad Arr Scocha)

9. Hot Asphalt (Trad Arr Scocha)

10. Wild Mountain Thyme (Trad Arr Scocha)

11. Fray Of Support (Trad Arr Scocha)

12. Johnny Cope (Trad Arr Scocha)

13. The Land We Love (Ogilvie/Trad Arr Scocha)

Bordering On...

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Bordering On...

Track LIst

1. The Rolling Hills o' the Borders (McGinn)

2. Bonnie Teviotdale (Haliday Trad Arr Scocha)

3. Ettrick Lady (Trad Arr Scocha)

4. Johnstones (Trad Arr Scocha)

5. The Queens Maries (Trad Arr Scocha)

6. The Anvil Crew (Easton/Grant/Trad Arr Scocha)

7. Lock the door Larriston (Trad Arr Scocha)

8. The Wail of Flodden (J E D Murray)

9. My Borderland (K Speirs)

10. Hughie the Graeme (Trad Arr Scocha)

11. The Lammas Tide (Trad Arr Scocha)

12. The Lads o' Wamphray (Trad Arr Scocha)

13. The Auld Mid Raw (Trad Arr Scocha)