Jumpers For Goalposts                                       © Alan G Brydon & David J Chapman



Do you remember summer nights

Playin’ football in the park

Chasing girls in the twilight

Heading home when it was dark

Jumpers down for goalposts

Sambas on our feet

Cockerosee, kick the can

Playing in the street




(We were young)

We had no cares,

No problems dark and deep.

(We were young)

We had no cares,

No secrets there to keep.

We were young and free and innocent

Footloose and carefree

Jumpers for Goalposts

Jumpers for Goalposts

That’s where I want to be


Life was o so simple then

Nothing’s simple now

No stress, no strain, no worries

No furrows on our brows

Our hair a different colour

No signs of turning grey

I wish I could go back again

To those old summer days




School holidays last forever

Or that`s the way it seemed

“I want to play for Scotland”

Is what every young boy dreamed

You`d score a goal for your own team

You thought that you were great

You’d kill to kick like Kenny

As Scotland’s number eight