Stirling  Brig                                                                  Trad




Doon by Stirling Brig

Wallace lay a-hiding

As the English host

Frae the Sooth cam riding

Lood the river Forth

Atween them baith was roaring

Nerra were the sides

O' the Brig o' Stirling.




Watching frae the wid

Wallace and the Moray

As the English cam

Wi the Earl o' Surrey

Ane by ane they crossed

As the brig was birlin

Still they onward cam

Ower the Brig o' Stirling.




Wallace gied the shout

Oot his men cam rinnin

Stopped the English host

On the Brig o' Stirling

Cressingham turned roon

The Brig was sma' for turning

Morey cut him doon

On the Brig o' Stirling




A' O' Surrey's men

Ran intil each other

Nane could turn aboot

Nane could gae much further

Some fell ower the side

An' in the Forth were droonin

Some were left tae dee

On the Brig o' Stirling




Surrey he was wild

Couldnae ford the river

Wished wi' a' his micht

That the Brig was bigger

Then he rade awa

Lood the man was cursing

Wallace an' his men 

And the Brig o' Stirling