My Lassie In Canada


© Alan G Brydon





She wrote me a letter, To say she’d arrived

She was through Immigration, The family survived

Her father was working, Her mother was grand

Her bothers and sisters, All loved the new land



She spoke of cities, The buildings so tall

Her words so descriptive, I could picture it all

All that they needed, The land could provide

But all that she wanted, Was me by her side



The call of the ocean, The pull of the tide

I hear my love calling me, Close to her side

A wall of emotion, Like the swell of the sea

My lassie in Canada’s waiting for me


She told me she missed me, And asked in a prayer

If I’d reconsider, And follow her there

But how could I leave, All my family and friends

My heart torn to pieces, My wits at an end




(middle 8)

What have they done to us, How can it be

We’ve live on this land for an eternity

And now they are leaving, By village and clan

No longer part of the landowner’s plan

In our own birth land






My heart was in Scotland

But my love was away

And I thought of a life

In a land far away

For what if my lass was to find someone new

Wait for me lassie

I’m sailing to you



Chorus x 2