The Queen's Maries


Yestre'en the Queen had four Marys
The day she'll hae but three
There was Mary Seaton and Mary Beaton
Mary Carmichael and me

Oh little did my mother think
The day she cradled me
The lands I was tae travel in
The death I was tae dee

So tie a napkin round my e'en
Dont let me see to dee
And send me awa' ti my dear mother
Who's far awa' o'er the sea

But I wish I could lie in oor ain kirk yard
Beneath yon old oak tree
Where we pulled the rowans
And spraing the gowans
My brothers and sisters and me


But why should I fear a nameless grave
When I've hopes for eternity?
And I'll pray that the faith o' dying few
Be given through grace to me