This is Oor Time (Hogmanay)                    

© 2016 IH Scott

Am G Em F – Am G F E

F                            C    F/C    G                                F      G
Come in frae the cauld,         feel the warmth o yer kith n kin
G                                 C    F/C      F                        G
Frae the young an the auld,     an sei the new year in
                            F                            Dm
Aw the bairns up late, aye sneakin a wee dram
                       F            G      Dm    Em    F
First Fit at the gate, wi lump o coal in his hand

C                            F/C
Aye this Oor time (Oor time)
    G                      C
And we live everyday O
G                       C    F/C
Like the first chime (first chime)
F         G
At Hogmanay O

Auld freends back hame, an pledges are promised
For a new stert again and vows for the morn
All the eyes on the clock, an glasses replenished
Time ti take stock, o the auld year nearly done

Am                                        G
When the fireworks light the sky
              Em                             F
And the pipes play Auld Lang Syne
        Em            G
Wi a tear in oor ee
         F                  E
We’ll tak a hand o thine

So live for the day, afore the last strike
Steals yer breath away and the cinders ti ash
Raise a glass ti the past and toast the new day O
For it may be yer last
Hogmanay O


Am G Em F – Am G Dm Em F G C F9 C