A Bellendaine                    

© 2014 IH Scott/D Scott

Gm Bb F C

                 Dm              C
"A Bellendaine, A Bellendaine"
                 Gm                          Bb            F
When the Scott’s cry "There's moonlight again"
                Dm              C
"A Bellendaine, A Bellendaine"
               GM             F              C
Frae the country that bears yer name

               Gm       Bb              F                 C         
Frae the mists O time, came Uchtred the Scot
          Gm             Bb             F            C    
Ti the land O the Gaels, frae Eire we forgot
        Gm                  Bb           F                  C    
Frae Murthockston, Kirkurd ti Rankleburns view
      Gm                  Bb                F                        Dm C    
We made oor new hame, and called it wild Buccleuch

Frae Branxholmes peel toors, and aw up the Ale
The Borthwick, the Allan, Slitrig, Teviotdale
Howpasley, Hoscote and Milsington who
Aw answered the ca’ frae the Bold Buccleuch


Frae Roberton, Todshaw and Harden's dark glen
Whitchesters, Borthaugh, were aw Scott men
Falnash and Fenwick, and Allanhaugh
While Goldielands toor looks doon on the Crumhaugh

Whitslade and Todrig and Heedshaw and Woll
The Ale Water Scotts, we could also extoll
Like Satchells auld verse, which serves as oor guide
Burnfit and Shielswood, Synton, Salenside


          Eb        Bb                     F         Eb
Doon Teviot ti Whitehaugh, Stirches, Galalaw
Eb                       Bb      F                      Eb
Cauldhoose and Alton, Drinkstane and Boonraw
Gm                F         Dm             Eb
Chamberlain Nitton, Horsleyhill, Burnheed
    Gm                     F                   C
Ti Hassendean the clan they did spreed

     Eb               Bb           F                    Eb
Ti Ancrum and Aikwood, Raeburn and Wauchope
Eb                Bb            F            Eb
Bonnington, Haining, ti Gala an Dryhope

Gm                F                        Dm      Eb
Gorrenberry, Thirlestane, and toor O Tushielaw
          Gm                             F                       Dm C
Ti the Gilmanscleuch where Auld Wat’s son did fa’


Frae Uchtred’s sma’ steps, ti aw ower the land
Frae pole ti pole, the Scott’s made their stand
Wi ‘Amo’ and Stag on a banner O Blue
They aw rally roond ti the flag O Buccleuch



"A Bellendaine, A Bellendaine"
When the Scott’s cry "There's moonlight again"
"A Bellendaine, A Bellendaine"
Frae the country that bears yer name
Auld Scotland yer Border hame
When the Scott’s cry “A Bellendaine”