Fray of Suport


Trad / Music Scocha / Arr. Scocha


The writer and traveller Henry Morton wrote in 1928 that the Border Ballads are as real as a sword dug up on a battlefield... "The night is alive with riders. For sheer savage realism, give me the Fray of Suport. I know of nothing like it in England". It is the cry of an enraged Borderwoman whose 'gear' (goods) have been plundered in the night. She rouses the reivers to pursuit. Each wild verse ends: "Fy lads shout af a' a' a' a' a' My gear's a' gane'. Sir Walter Scott described this as "by far the most uncouth and savage" of all the Border Ballads... Perfect material for Scocha!



Fray of Suport


Sleep'ry Sim o' the Lamb Hill 

An Snorin Jock o' Suport Mill  

Ye are baith het and fou 

But ma wae na wakens you 

Last night I saw a sorry sight  

Nought left me but four and twenty ousen and kye My wee! ridden gelding and a white kye  

But a toom byre and a wide  

And twelve nogs on ilka side.



Fy lads! shout A'A'A'A'A'  

My gear's a gane A'A'A'A'A'  



Lads we'll fang them in a net  

I hae the fords o' Liddel set  

The Dunkin and the Doorloup 

The Willie ford and the Waterslack 

The Black Rack and the trout dub of Liddel


There stands John Forster wi five men at his back

Wi' butt coat and a cap of steel  

Boo! Ca' at them e'en Jock 

That ford's sicker I wat well.



Fy lads! shout A'A'A'A'A'  

My gear's a ta'en A'A'A'A'A'  


Ha! Boys I see a party appearing , wha's yon 

Methinks its Captain Bewcastle and Jeptha's John

Coming down by the fowl steps o' Catlowdies Loan

They'lI make a sicker come which way they will

Come which way they will



Ha! Lads shout A'A'A'AA' 

My gear's a ta'en A'A'A'A'A'


Captain Musgrave and his band 

Are comin doon by the Siller Strand  

And the muckle toon bell o' Carlisle is rung  

My gear was a weel won  

Before it's carried our the border 

Mony a man's gae down, mony a man's



Fy Lads! shout A'A'A'AA' 

My gear's gane A'A'A'A'A'  

A'A'A'A'A' - A'A'A'A'A'

My gear's a gane A'A'A'A'A' - A'A'A'A'A' 

My gear's a gane A'A'A'A'A'