MacPherson's Rant                                                                   Robert Burns – Trad Arr: Scocha



Fareweel ye dungeons dark and strong

Fareweel,fareweel tae thee

acPherson’s time will no’ be long

On yonder gallows tree


It was by a woman's treacherous hand

That I was condemned to dee

She stood abin a windae ledge

And a blanket threw o'er me



  Sae rantin’ly,  sae wantin’ly

And sae dauntin’ly gaed he

He played a tune and he danced aroond

Ablow the gallows tree



O’ what is death but parting breath

On mony a foreign plain

A’ve dared his face and in his place

A’ll scorn him yet again


I have lived a life of strut and strife

I die by treacherie

An’ it burns my heart that I must depart

And no aveng-ed be






So take off these bands, frae roond my hands

And gie’ tae me my sword

Well there’s no a man in a’ Scotland

That’ll brave him at his word


So farewell light, tho’ sunshine bright

And all beneath the sky

May coward shame disdain his name

The wretch that darnae die


Chorus x 2