Granny’s Muckle Soup Pan                                                                   © Alan Brydon





When A’ was jist a laddie, for as long as a’ can mind, 

A wad gaan tae Granny’s kitchen, for tae see what a’ could find,

She Aye hed somethin’ for es, be it savoury or sweet,

Ye can aye rely on Grannies, for somethin’ gid tae eat.




I can still taste the carrots and the tatties and the leeks,

The barley, peas and mutton shank could keep ee gaan for weeks,

The aroma frae her stove would warm the heart o’ any man,

A still can sei ma granny stir her muckle soup pan.



Well es a’ grew up ma granny, Was an influence ee sei,

She was ayeways full o’ wisdom, And she passed it ontae mei!

An if a was in trouble, She’s aye stick up for mei,

Aye a looked up tae ma granny, For she aye looked efter mei.




A hev mony happy memories, O’ the times when ood gaan doon,

Tae spend the day at Granny’s wi The family a’ around,

There were uncles, aunties, friends and bairns, Like a royal family troop,

A queued outside the kitchen, For a plate o granny’s soup.




O’ the memory o’ ma Granny, Is forever in ma mind,

She was warm and honest, happy, helpful, Lovin’, strong and kind, She aye made mei feel special, Jist like she was tae me,

And the day she died, The family cried, A river tae the sea.


But,,,  Chorus x 2


Aye a’ll always mind ma Granny stir her Muckle Soup Pan