I want you now


©Alan G Brydon


Girl of my dreams, I’m in a mess

The feelings I have held for you, I really must confess

Its not like me, but I will admit

That something has come over me and here’s the jist o’ it




I want you now

I cannot wait another day, another hour

Another minute is too late

I want you now

I have no time to hesitate, until you’re mine a cannot wait

I want you now



Its only right, that you should know

I’ve held a secret passion, and I’m desperate to show

It can’t be wrong, to let you see

No other man can need you more, its time you were with me




I’m not a fool, I know the score

I’m not the only one to want to love you evermore

But other men, just cannae see

The qualities in you that spark the urgency in me




Middle 8


Blow a kiss, make a wish, tell me that you feel like this

Take a vow, show me how,,,,,,




Chorus x 2