Roses Of Prince Charlie © Ronnie Browne




Come now gather now, here where the flowers grow

White is the blossom as the snow on the ben

Hear now, freedom’s call, we'll make a solemn vow

Now by the roses o’ Prince Charlie



Fight again at Bannockburn yer battleaxe tae wield

Fight wi’ yer grandsires on Flodden's bloody field

Fight at Culloden, yer Bonnie Prince tae shield

Fight by the roses o' Prince Charlie




Spirit o' the banished, in far an' distant land

Carved out the new world wi' sweat, blood an' hand

Return now in glory an' on the silver sand

Fight by the roses o' Prince Charlie




Tak' yer strength frae the green fields that blanket peat and coal

Ships frae the Clyde have a nation in their hold

The water o’ life, some men need tae make them bold

Black gold and fishes frae the sea, man