Scotlands Calling


©Alan G Brydon


There’s a break in the cloud

Where the sun casts its beam

Like the ray that awakes you

When bound by a dream

A light through the gloom

Flowing down as a stream

Its a glimpse of the land that awaits you


Where the dawn of the day

Meets the song of the wild

And the music uplifts

As it laughs like a child

Where the clasp of a hand

Meets the warmth of a smile

Where the spirit of life is upon you



Scotlands calling


Scotlands calling


Calling, Calling, You home



There’s a calm in the wind

With the sun breaking through

And the warmth of its smile

Still reminds me of you

Where the rampant red lion

Meets a saltire on blue

Is a land full of passion and pride


Chorus x 2