New York Dawn           

2016 D Anderson ©

Sun shines through the buildings, reflecting windows in her eyes
There's a cold wind blowing up 6th avenue
I'm in the town that never sleeps, it should come as no surprise
My body aches, my eyes, they feel like glue.

I'm on the road trip of a lifetime, the sum of all my hopes and fears
Am I really here or is this just a dream
The city she embraces me, she whispers in my ears
She tells me things are not quite what they seem

Although I'm not here for long
I hope I'll see my New York dawn

I came here as an unknown and I'm blending in quite well
Just one of several million so I've been told
Before I leave I'll make my mark, a story I will tell
Then maybe she won't make me feel so old

So I become the tourist rock star, see the sights and play the songs
Every minute's like a never ending day
But all too soon the last gigs done, the night to right all wrongs
I drift outside to catch my breath and pray

That oh, oh, I'll see my New York dawn
And oh, oh, I'll sing my New York song

People shout down yellow cabs, the mornings coming fast
Soon, I'm left alone without a care
In that quiet moment a horse drawn carriage rumbles past
It's so surreal that I just stand and stare

I lean against the Stout doorway, a smile upon my face
Exhausted but my spirit's so alive
It seems I've travelled all my life and never reached that place
But here and now I've finally arrived

And oh, oh, here's my New York dawn
And oh, oh, this is my New York song