Lock the door Larriston



Lock the door Lariston
Lion O' Liddesdale
Lock the door Lariston
Lowther comes on
The Armstrongs are flyin'
The widows are cryin'
Castletown is burnin' and Oliver is gone

Lock the door Lariston
High on the weather gleams
See how the Saxon plumes
They bob on the sky
Yeoman and carbinere
Billman and halberdiere
Fierce is the battle and far is the cry

Bewcastle brandishes his broad scimitar
Ridley is riding his fleet-footed grey
Hidley and Howard there
Wandel O' Windermere
Lock the door Lariston
Hold them at bay

Why dae ye smile noble Elliot O'Lariston
Why does the joy candle gleam in your eye?
You bold border ranger
Beware o' your danger
Your foes are relentless
Determined and nigh