Johnstones                                     © Iain H Scott


The Johnstones met at Westerhall,  

And they sang o' the raid and the moon,

Wi their 'Ready aye ready'; the Johnstones cry,  

For they're 'ready' baith late and soon,


Sang they: The Johnstones aye were brave,

Nae man durst say them nay;  

Their arms are strong, their hearts are true,

And they're mounted by night and by day


The bold Buccleuch, the comely race,  

Both chiefs of high degree,  

In honour of the 'flying spur' 

Sing out in mirth and glee


'In Eskdale and Annandale,  

The gentle Johnstones ride,  

They have been here for a thousand years,

A thousand mair they'll byde'