Hughie the Graeme



Gude Lord Scroope's tae the hunting gane,

He has ridden o'er moss and muir;  

And he has grippit Hughie the Graeme,  

For stealing o' the Bishop's mare.


But as they were dealing their blows sae free,  

And both sae bloody at the time,  

Ower the moss came ten yeomen sae tail,

All for tae take brave Hughie the Graeme.

Then they hae grippit Hughie the Graeme,

And brought him up through Carlisle toon;

The lasses and lads stood on the walls,  

Crying, 'Hughie the Graeme, thou'se ne'er gae doon'!


Then they hae chosen a jury of men, 

The best that were in Carlisle toon; 

And twelve o' them cried oot at once, 

'Hughie the Graeme, thou must gae doon'!  

'If I be guilty', said Hughie the Graeme,

Of me my friends shall hae talk? 

And he has loup'd fifteen feet and three,

Though his hands they were ded behind his back.


'Fare ye weel, Maggie my wife!  

The last time we came ower the muir,  

'Twas thou bereft me of my life, 

And wi' the Bishop thou play'd the whore.

Here Johnie Annstrang, take thou my sword,  

That is made o' the metal sae fine; 

And when thou comest tae the English side,

Remember the death of Hughie the Graeme'