And We Ride


© Alan G Brydon


This is our land, it is our right

To live in peace, or ride by night

For they may come and they may try

But we will Aye Defend until we die




And we ride

In defence of our land

And we ride

By the strength of our hand

And we ride

Over our borderland

And we ride, and we ride, and we ride.



The nobles marched, doon frae the north

But their power bade abin’ the River Forth

And frae the Sooth the soldiers came

And we drove them ower the line again




Our men will ride, abin the moss

The strong and ancient borderline to cross

Invading force our men will spurn

As the moon is glintin’ off the burn




The borderline, the lands divide

And many brave and honest men have died

But this proud land was yours and mine

Lang before they ever drew the line


Chorus x 2