Great show last night at The Maltings! I'm still smiling 😃
Hi Scocha do you ever come over to Belfast and do gigs would love to come and see you live
Hi guys are you ever going to do a concert at the rothes halls in glenrothes again. It's been a few years since you were last here.
My wife and I visited Scotland from the U.S. for the first time this fall and while there we heard Scocha -- you guys are amazing!!! Do you ever come to the States to perform? We'd LOVE to see you live!!

Hi Jay
We will be across in NYC in April playing a couple of gigs.
Definitely one in BB Kings on Saturday 7th April. Tickets from NYC Tartan Day website soon.
GREAT TO SEE YOU ARE STILL GOING GUYS .Loved your concert all those years ago love your music still
Hi, I am now a great fan of Scocha (Scottish Folk Group as I really like your music. I am really into Scottish folk music and I discovered you as a Scottish group on the Internet and when I took a holiday up in Scotland this year with my Mum and Dad. I have now got 4 C.D albums to enjoy and listen to. I have never heard you before as this is my first time to discover real Scottish folk music. I live in Wigston in Leicestershire.

Jeremy Vick.
(Wigston, Leicestershire)

just back from seeing these guys in stirling well what can i say just amazing the best ❤❤❤❤
At Brunton Hall on Saturday with my three sister's. Fantastic night once again x A bit disappointed you did not manage to play the pipes at the end Iain but voice is fab x
Just discovered this site while looking up border reiver history. listened to a few tracks. buying the new album as soon as i get a gig.
Thanks for making Davie Anderson's charity night in aid of Stroke Scotland in Cardenden such a great one. It's the 1st time we've seen you play and we thoroughly enjoyed the 2 sets you played. We wil be on the look out for you playing in or near the Fair City..
Great night at the Beancross. Nice meeting yous. Next Scocha fix St Andrews in May...
Cheers for the shout out Dougie.....
Still owe you 5 a drink.......NEXT TIME.....
Great Aftershowparty at M86 Mittelneufnach...
Guys! THX for the concert in Mittelneufnach/Bavaria/Germany! So great, so much energy, so much fun!
Seen and met youz at Eden court Inverness Brilliant show/Concert.
On our way for hogmany to Musselburgh on the 30th December when we noticed your in Falkirk on 28th December.
Adjusted our travel arrangements to leave 2 days earlier and have just booked the Falkirk show, so looking forward to starting off the new year with a bang.

Keep on Folk and Rolling, Brenda + Frank. Fae Gourock
Hi guys,
Want to thank you for the great concert in Hawick. You were probably a bit surprised to see me there. Well it's your "fault" I fell in love with Hawick. Have already been there 3 times (including this weekend) and I am definitelly coming back. It felt like home from the moment I first arrived in April 2012. But only on my second visit June 2015 I found a (possible) explanation why. On one of my long walks I saw this one sign saying to take my rubbish with my and then in big letters "Lower Mansfield, Hawick". There it dawned me. I was born in an area called "Mansfelder Land", which translates to "County Mansfield", So Hawick must belong to it - HAHAHA. But seriously, it looks very similar, you would probably like it in Mansfelder Land". But I noticed that I should more frequently follow your music. Every time I check you up I find a new face in the band. But as I mostly use music as background music for my writing it's very difficult to keep your music in the background. It just has to be played out loud (so that the neighbour can hear it too - if he wants or not).

So greetings from Greenock

Dudes - We really miss seeing you in NYC. Time to tour America!!!
Having never heard of Scocha my friends Anne & Jamie Stewart from (Obsdale) Alness took me along to Eden Court....I was blown away with your music and banter - absolutely FAB..U..LOUS! Can't wait for your return to Inverness! 👍
We are coming to see you tonight at the Maltings again. We always enjoy your music and friendly banter. Please thank my father 90 year old Rob (a big fan) who will be with us tonight as he loves your music and knows some of your parents/grandparents (we came here to live from Hawick 41 years ago).
See you tonight...

Stevie and Shirley.
Fabulous night in Pitlochry. I live in Pitlochry and hope you will come back again as I had never heard of you before last night. You guys were fabulous!!
Come and do a tour in Australia please!
hi, guys, saw you yesterday , 25.06. at your konzert in scottland .and was so impressed by you,i have to see yo again in germany. (bavaria) . we just try to cards i say only "we are always thirsty"
Hello from India! I'm a big fan of the Scottish accents, and that's how I discovered Scocha. Granny's Muckle Soup Pan is one of the many Scocha songs I've favourited in Spotify and I listen to them every day. I'm ever eager to check out new releases from Scocha. Thanks for the awesome songs!
Just having a Scocha fix! Lots of U tube music! Canna get enough Even when I am in the USA I am a loyal and happy Scocha mum!!
Fantastic concert in Duns. As a small town we are so lucky to attract such a great band to our hall. Great night and look forward to next time. Thanks!
Just home from a wonderful night at the Beacon in Greenock. Just the tonic we needed. Saw you for the first last year so glad you came back looking forward to next time Thankks to you all
Yes, you play one more time in Mittelneufnach. We are there, definitly!
But it`s so long till we hear you :(
We wish all of your team a very good new year und thanks a lot for your great music.
Coming to America soon? We miss you guys. FIne, I'll even go as far as Toronto or Halifax if I have to. Bring it!
Fantastic music, great videos. I try to make Scocha part of every day.
My partner and myself were Scocha virgins before last nights gig in Lang...Home! And now we are so looking forward to their next gigs in December there. Over three hours of live music, banter, humour, glorious sounds, stomping, singing, dancing and that unique "Scocha" wall of sound experience. Brilliant, brilliant, just brilliant.

Loved the one liners - Geronimo, the deer, etc.... my sense of humour exactly!

By the way lads - what do you call a man with a number plate on his head?


Well done you and thank you all for a wonderful night.


Another great night with the lads at The Byre Theatre in St.Andrews, absolute "TEESH" night and another fan in my partner in crime Alana Johnston...she loved every minute of the singing and the banter in-between...cant wait for the next time!! All the best Scocha :-)
Saturday 9th may Inverness great night 8 Scocha virgins from Elgin looking forward for the next gig up this way.there was a good mixture of old and new songs great entertainment once a borderer always a borderer come back soon
all the best for thr common ridings
Arrived late for the Mark village Hall gig. Came face to face with 4 lads in kilts, and just knew my evening was going to be great, and you were brilliant. Thank you. I look forward to your next trip down. And yes Neil, Hawick is south east of West Linton. xx
just to say a big thanks to you all for a great night in Mark,Somerset. Fantastic gig with not only locals bu folks from West Sussex, Gloucester and Wales. The people at Weston Hospicecare also send a big thank you as we raised nearly £1900 on the night. Looking forward to arrange another gig in 2016.
Ah the best
Tom & Anne
Lads just seen you all on youtube and well it's great to see a band that lets the folk have fun and ifyou get the chance can you do croft of the clan by johnny cash and some old scotlands kids song be great for christmas keep having fun lads and all the best

I am no longer a Scocha virgin since 27th March, 2015. You guys were fantastic! Music and humour were so enjoyable. Will definitely be back for a second round :-).
I was a Scocha virgin last night in Duns. Great , loved it. Such energy and foot stomping stuff mixed with lovely traditional ballads. Well done lads. I will be back.
Went to Musselburgh concert first time been to a Scocha concert, been looking forward to it for months,found you while brousing u tube, bought some cds played again and again. Was dying o see you live, just amazing,what energy just incredible, planing a weekend away, to see you at another concert just such a great night out, thanks your all amazing
Have just stumbled across you while surfing the net. Would love, love, love to see you live, but I live right down in Sussex. How about braving the balmy temperatures down here in the south and paying us a visit? It's not a case of "where no man has gone before" as we have welcomed and very much enjoyed the likes of The Batties, Dougie McLean, Karine Polwart, Julie Fowlis and the Tannies to name but a few. C'mon, you know you can do it. Please?
Does your band have a fan club?
Nothing official apart from our Facebook and Twitter pages !
great to see you coming up to Inverness in May were in Elgin so we will be there to support the Borderers can`t wait
hi guys absolutely brilliant last night in selkirk getting better with great
Guys, You are just great ! Sgonneil ! It was nice to meet You in Mittelneufnach - come back soon !
Great Concert yesterday in Mittelneufnach - Bayern / Germany !!!!!.
Vielen Dank für Euren sensationellen Auftritt gestern Abend.
Hoffentlich sehen wir uns im nächsten Jahr wieder.
Attended your gig in The Beacon, Greenock last night, which was great in all aspects. Last y AR you were in the small theatre but this year in the main auditorium, which was far more suited to your acoustics. I'll look out for more if your gigs in the west of Scotland.
Just home after seeing you for first time in the Beacon Greenock. What a night fantastic. We haven't seen Scocha before but will be making a point of seeing you again soon. Great night Thanks to you all

Come back and play in NYC... We miss you guys!
Saw you at Riverside Rock and you were fantastic, best by far!
I grew up in Hawick and came across Scocha on You Tube. Love your sound and the energy you put into your performances !!
I have seen you a few times in NYC and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Come back!
I have just discovered your wonderful and exciting band!

One question: when are you coming to the US? Like many others here, I am a Texan of Scottish heritage, and I know y'all would be very popular in the US!